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You Might be a Florida Hospital Kissimmee Nurse if…

You Might be a Florida Hospital Kissimmee Nurse if…


It takes a special person to be a nurse. One that cares. Extends unwavering compassion. Sacrifices for others. And at Florida Hospital, embodies the mission to heal the whole person — in body, mind, and spirit.

If you have ever wondered if you might be a “Florida Hospital nurse,” we have some ways to find out.

Florida Hospital Kissimmee Chief Nursing Officer Linda Cason explains five attributes that create the glow of a Florida Hospital Kissimmee nurse in some key clinical areas.

  1. A Florida Hospital Kissimmee nurse likes unique and challenging opportunities

Florida Hospital Kissimmee is a part of one of Central Florida’s largest networks of care. Located in the heart of one of the fastest growing communities in all of Florida, Florida Hospital Kissimmee’s campus is just minutes from major attractions, like Walt Disney World. At Florida Hospital Kissimmee, our team members are committed to each patient’s experience with a focus on exceptional clinical care.

Florida Hospital Kissimmee has unique and exciting opportunities within critical care, medical, surgical and emergency service lines for experienced and graduate nurses alike. There are also other nursing opportunities in the areas of our cardiac cath lab and our new comprehensive interventional radiology department.

Cason says, “Our staff frequently tell us that they love the family-oriented feel of this campus.” She adds, “Florida Hospital Kissimmee does feel like a family; we are large enough for our nurses to learn and grow within our campus, yet small enough to keep that close family feel. At Kissimmee, our staff values their work, which is the reason we have a world-class team!”


  1. A Florida Hospital Kissimmee nurse experiences many growth and development opportunities

Florida Hospital Kissimmee is a great learning environment where many nurses use their experiences as a stepping stone to advance their careers. They provide a unique new employee experience that focuses on onboarding and education, in addition to growth and development pathways.

Cason says, “Our nurses build a strong clinical foundation that will prepare them for future advancement at Florida Hospital Kissimmee and beyond.”


  1. A Florida Hospital Kissimmee nurse likes to be part of a team

Teamwork is the cornerstone of what makes a Florida Hospital nurse — and their patient care — exceptional. “There is a true team spirit and sense of collaboration within each of our units, as well as across the entire hospital. We work together to ensure that the day goes smoothly for everyone,” says Cason. “We care for each other like family.”


  1. A Florida Hospital Kissimmee nurse likes to uphold high standards, professionally and personally

Cason describes, “The mission of our hospital holds us to the highest standard in the care of our patients. We take great pride in ensuring that we meet the needs of our patients and their families – body, mind, and spirit. Our team considers it a privilege to have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to care for our patients in such a special way and to be able to positively impact the lives of those we serve.”


  1. A Florida Hospital Kissimmee nurse embodies compassionate care for the whole person — in body, mind, and spirit

With the mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ, Florida Hospital Kissimmee nurses are committed to embracing this mission-based care for each patient’s body, mind, and spirit. “We are looking for nurses who respect our mission, and the spiritual needs of our patients and their fellow team members,” advises Cason.

She adds, “It’s a really unique culture at Florida Hospital, our nurses extend the same compassion and drive toward their teammates as they do their patients or anyone they come in contact with at the hospital.”

Some nurses pray with patients. If comfortable, you have the freedom to do this at Florida Hospital Kissimmee. As a 23-year employee of Florida Hospital, I believe in our mission and our work, and I am proud of the service that we are able to provide to our community,” shares Cason.


Have what it takes? Learn more about becoming a Florida Hospital Kissimmee nurse by visiting www.WorkatKissimmee.com.


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